Jaffe/Braunstein Films, Pebblehut Productions

Connie Sellecca, Asia Vieira, Brenda Bazinet, Kyle fairlie, Rue McClanahan, Randy Travis, Benedict Campbell, Elizabeth Lennie, Charlotte Moore, Richard Fitzpatrick, Lili Fancks, Don McManus, Joshua Satok, Randy Webster

A delightfully heartwarming Christmas in the country story.   Carolyn (Connie Selleca) and her daughter Jordy (Aisa Vierea) are on their way back home to the country.  Carolyn was raised in a small town, but escaped to New York for an exiting life and a rewarding career, but a cheating husband sent her back home to recover.  She reconnects with the old friends back home, including her old boyfriend Clay (Randy Travis) who she left at the altar.  Strange noises in the basement and a call to the Sheriff (who is Clay) and they find a runaway boy in living in the basement.  Carolyn wants to give him a home, but Clay’s new girlfriend who is responsible for social services wants to put him in a  foster home. Rue McClanahan plays Miz Leona who is Clay’s Aunt, and she brings a lot to the film.  It’s a real Aunt Bea character from the Andy Griffith show!  She’s a teensy bit of a busybody, but her heart is gold and she’s trying to steer things in the right direction.

The characters in this Christmas story are remarkable.   It it touching from beginning to end.  How Clay is hurt by the embarrassment of being left at the altar, and how Jordy has learned to love the life in the country are main themes of the story, as is Carolyn’s fear of being marked a backwoods hick, but not really liking the rat race of the city.  And the side story of William (Kyle Fairlie) and his dog (the runaway boy) and the depth of tragedy in his life and the deep hurts he has had and fears of abandonment make this a really deep and touching story.  This is one of the most beautiful Christmas stories of the bunch, and a sure hit.  Don’t miss this one!

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