** Fallen Angel (2003)

Hallmark Hall of Fame Productions

Gary Sinise, Joelly Richardson, Gordon Pinsent, Jordy Benattar, Michael Rhodes

Terry (Gary Sinese) returns home to the little town where he was born after his father dies with the idea of cleaning up the house and settling the estate.   But as he returns to the place where he grew up,  things happen and he finds it hard to leave.  Then as he reconnects with old friends and old memories, he finds the life he was leading was not so enticing after all.  All the success doesn’t make up for the wonderful life in town where he grew up.  Quickly he finds his life has changed forever!

This is like an old Twilight Zone episode where the lead character wants to go back home again and can’t.  This is kind of the opposite because he doesn’t want to go back home, but just can’t help it.

Gary Sinise is able to pull this off effortlessly.  He can be the grumpy, in a rush, busy businessman one moment, and choked with emotion the next.  This is a pretty good Christmas story and typical of the Hallmark Christmas Stories.  It reminiscent to view small town life, especially with the Christmas theme and the snow.  It’s a beautiful place, and wonderful to visit.   Definitely worth a watch.

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