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Sam Elliott, John Corbett, Sarah Paulson, Karen Allen, Elizabeth McLaughlin, Tegan Moss, Emily Alyn Lind, Max Charles

Jess Sanford is a gruff farmer who’s lost his young son a while ago. A new resident, Tom Marks (John Corbett), shows up at the farm in August asking if Jess Has any pumpkins for sale, in August!! Jess thinks and thinks about the question, but when he returns asking if there are any Christmas Trees for sale, Jess puts two and two together and figures out what is going on. Tom is moving all the holidays up because his daughter Vanessa is very ill and may never make it until Halloween or Christmas. But the point of the story is about Jess, and his withdrawal from humanity until he learned to overcome his sorrow by helping other people.

November Christmas is a wonderful Hallmark “Christmas” story even though the holiday is celebrated in November. The characters are charming, and the story is very touching. It gets a bit weepy and overly sappy in the end, but most holiday stories do that. This one is a great touching story that will make you realize the blessings you have, and the importance of those you love in your life. This movie premiered on Hallmark last year, and though not available on DVD yet, probably will be in the near future. But if you get a chance to see it on TV this season, go out of your way to watch it. It’s a wonderful film.

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