Angel Doll Productions, Wild Bunch Films

Betsy Brantley, Diana Scarwid, Keith Carradine, Michael Welch, Cody Newton, Gil Johnson, Lindsey Good

Jerry (Gil Johnson) and Whitey (Cody Newton) are best friends. They share a paper route. It’s is 1950. Whitey’s sister is very sick, and her favorite story is “The Littlest Angel” so Whitey decides to somehow give an Angel doll to his sister no matter what it takes. But there is none for sale, so Whitey finds a beautiful doll, and the two decide to have the doll modified to an angel for Christmas day by a local seamstress. But tragically, Whitey’s sister dies before seeing the doll, and Whitey moves away. Jerry grows up and becomes a famous writer, and although he never see’s Whitey again, he will never forget the lessons he learned in the small town where he grew up.

This is a very “Christmas Story” or “Stand By Me” type movie with the nostalgic look back at youth. It is very touching, and brings back very clear memories of being a child in a small town in the 50’s. This true story is told in flashback narrated by Keith Carradine (Adult Jerry Bledsoe) who is telling the story. I remember the Polio scare in the 50’s and every parents greatest nightmare was that a kid would complain of pain in their legs. It was a horrifying thing for parents when kids were being stricken and no one knew how or why.

This is a very good movie. It’s quite touching. It’s not preachy, but very accurately portrays the time period. It’s a very poignant story, and one that you won’t soon forget. I highly recommend this film, and the quality of the story is probably why it’s repeated every year. This is definitely one to seek out.

(I was unable to find a preview of this film, but it available as “Watch Instantly” on NetFlix and can be found in other places, as well as on TV.)

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