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Kevin Sorbo, Teri Polo, Tamera Mowry, Della Reese, Izabela Vidovic, Victoria Wolsefer

LIttle girl Oliva (Izabela Vidovic) has but one wish for Christmas. She wants a new Dad and husband for her Mom (Teri Polo). Across the street is an old boarded up house that the kids think is a “wishing house”. When you break a window with a stone after making a wish, and the wish will come true. But when a young doctor shows up who owns the house, Mom decides to fix the place up a bit, decorate it for Christmas, and install a “wish box” on the front gate to stop all the windows from being broken. But when the wishes start coming true, and the kids see a strange old woman appearing inside the house, they begin to wonder if perhaps it’s an angel at work here.

Not to be confused with the 2006 “Christmas Angel” [Click here for Ed’s review] , this is a brand new for 2012 Made for TV movie. It will premier later in November, but for now, it’s available on DVD, and can be purchased on Amazon.com or even seen via Watch Instantly on Netflix. This is a Christian film, but the message is very subtle. Also starring the incredible Della Reese, the lady with a secret, it’s a wonderful family film. It does show the troubles and pleasures of childhood Christmases. It has a wonderful message about faith and trust, and the importance of charity and the family. It’s a very good film for the whole family to enjoy.

This is a great addition to the mass of holiday films that are shown year after year. I can see this one popping up for years to come. It’s a nice story, and an excellent film to share with the kids.

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