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Katie McGrath, Roger Moore, Sam Heughan, Travis Turner, Charlotte Salt, Leilah de Meza

Jules Daly(Katie McGrath) is taking care of her young niece and nephew. But times are tough. The kids miss their mother, Jules has just lost her job, and there seems no hope when an English butler shows up and delivers an invitation to an English castle for Christmas from their Grandfather (Roger Moore). Well, Duke Edward (Moore) has not been kind to the family. His son Charles married Jules’ sister who is not fit for royalty so Charles was disowned many years in the past. Suddenly, because he’s growing old, he wants to make it up to the children. But unfortunately the Duke is a grumpy old man who hates Christmas because it reminds him of his lost son Charles. It looks like the kids will be miserable. But the only bright side is that Charles has a younger brother, Ashton (Sam Heughan) who is a handsome devil, and though he’s engaged, he can’t help being attracted to Jules. Perhaps they can win over the Duke and have a Merry Christmas after all.

This is a new 2011 premier Christmas film on the Hallmark Channel this year. It’s a common story of the stuffy old royalty who hates the crude and vulgar Americans, and the American kids living up to their “little devil” status. Of course the kids clean up well, and despite the rude way she is treated, Jules still comes through looking like a Princess. It’s a frequently told story, for sure, but it’s a fine Christmas tale full of family fun, romance, beautiful English countryside, and it’s got Roger Moore. What could be better? I enjoyed this little story a lot, and recommend it. It’s a grand English Christmas tale with a castle! What could be better?

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