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Princess Sydney has lost her loving Grandfather who watched over her and raised her. He was a kind man, and she misses him very much, but she remembers that her Grandfather gave her three gold coins, and he had a tradition of giving the coins each Christmas to someone who really needs help. So to remember her Grandfather, Sydney sets out to find three needy families to pass on the 3 coins.

This film is definitely for the little ones. The animation is Saturday afternoon cartoon style and very flat looking. There is a lot of music, and it’s a one hour cartoon Christmas film. Some kids may be aware of the Princess Sydney series, and be familiar with it, but I am not, so I can’t comment on that. But I can see where this could kill an hour for the little ones, especially little girls who are really into the princess thing. Now that Disney has forgotten that, and now must give us the politically correct girls don’t need boys or parents or princess anymore, this is place little girls who still like the princess dream. It’s not a great movie, and may drive parents crazy, but I’m sure most younger kids will enjoy it.

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