** SilverBells (2013)

10 West Studios, Rebel Forge,

Bruce Boxleitner, Antonio Fargas, Kenton Duty, Bridgett Newton, Laura Spencer, Arthur Cartwright

Bruce Dalt (Bruce Boxleitner) is the sportscaster for the local TV station and is known for his overly competitive attitude. Whatever he or the family tries to do, they have to win. His son, Jason (Kenton Duty) is a star on the basketball team, but when his dad loses his cool at a basketball game and goes a little too far, he ends up in court where he’s sentenced to public service in the army. Salvation Army that is. Bruce is forced to ring the bell to collect donations for the Salvation Army. But during the time he spends doing public service, he learns a lot about his attitude and what is driving him and his family to pieces.

This UP channel 2013 Christmas movie is an advertisement for the Salvation Army. This is the most religious of the films I’ve seen this year, although it’s pretty soft sell. The emphasis is on giving to those who need and the story is very sweet. If you are not driven nuts by the religious overtones, then this is a good story. Granted, the acting is a bit stiff and wooden, and it is pretty predictable all the way through, still it was a very enjoyable Christmas film. We get to know the characters and why they act like they do, and it’s a good character study as well as a heartwarming Christmas tale, so it’s a good new addition to the Christmas collection. I recommend this, but warn you again, it’s a proselytizing film, for sure.

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