Goodman/Rosen Productions, The Family Channel, MTM Enterprises

Robert Hays, Erik von Detten, Bess Armstrong, Yvonne Zima, Robert Curtis Brown, Robin Riker, Julia Whelan

Groundhog Day for Christmas.  This Family Channel program is a story of a boy who is having a bad day.  Dad gave him a basketball for Christmas and he just can’t hit a jump shot.  His Uncle David is coming for Christmas and announces he’s opening a Valu-Mall that will put his Dad’s store out of business.  His little sister Sarah is still a believer in Santa, and he tells her there is no Santa which sends her into such as state.  She wishes it would be “Christmas Every Day!”.   Voila!  Every day Billy wakes up to Christmas and has to relive the day over and over.  Just like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, he has to keep doing it until he gets it right.  This is a fine story and very enjoyable to watch.  It’s one I never tire of.  I think  Robert Hays and Bess Armstrong are great as the parents, and Uncle Dave is a great choice.   The two kids though,  are excellently portrayed.   This is well worth watching.   Many of the mistaken Christmases go very badly and are extremely funny, but when he finally gets it together that final Christmas is awesome!  Especially the gift for his little sister.

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