Larry Levinson Productions

Meredith Baxter, Dalton Brooks, David Chisum, Ronny Cox, Warren D. Davis, Patrick Day, Steve Fox, Natasha Gregson Wagner, Joshua Grenrock, Tes Harper, Tommy Hinkley

This is a syrupy Christmas tale of a Christmas miracle, but in these kinds of story that’s not bad.   Two sisters,  Sarah and Beth are not friends.  They don’t like each other.  Years of jealousy and misunderstandings and they don’t understand each other at all.  One stays home and takes care of Dad, Buddy,  who’s never gotten over the loss of his wife Lorraine.  The other went off and had a life and a career.  This is the main cause of the distance between the daughters as each seem to envy the other.   Well Buddy has had a stroke and is o.k., but it brings home that soon both parents will be gone.   They decide to spend Christmas at the family remote cabin and have an old fashioned Christmas like they had before Mom was gone.  But it brings the sisters together and things don’t go so well, and soon the bitterness comes out.  Sarah makes an impossible wish, that her mother could be there too, and in the morning the impossible has happened and Mom is back in the kitchen as before.  Is it real, or is it a dream??   This is a touching story of life and relationships and mending bridges.   It stresses the real importance of family and love.

Excellent story.

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