** The National Tree (2009)

Hallmark Entertainment

Andrew McCarthy,  Evan Williams, Kari Matchett, Paula Brancati

Corey Burdock (Andrew McCarthy) is a teen who’s Sitka spruce tree is selected to be the National Tree at the White House.  Corey decides to drive the tree to Washington himself, and plans a long route across the country blogging all the way.  Little by little the crowds grow as people turn out to cheer for the National Tree!  Finally when they arrive in Washington, they find out that the plans for the tree are a little different than what Corey and family and all the fans along the way suspected.   Naturally the protesters show up, followed by the media, and it turns into a circus.

This is a fair story, but not very strong.  Not much happens, and although Andrew McCarthy is a good actor and does the best he can, the murder of a Christmas Tree is a little far fetched.  Last I remember trees are renewable resources.  But like everything else in America things are pretty much cared about, or not cared about.  People will protest if a dolphin is caught in a tuna net, but nobody cares in the least if a million tuna are killed.  Tuna’s are dumb and ugly and dolphins save little boys and do nice tricks.

Also, the climax of the movie arrives and goes bye-bye in just a minute or two.  It left me with a feeling of,  “Is that all there is?”  I’d skip it.

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