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Julie Harris, Trini Alvarado, Andrew McCarthy

Richard Reilly (Andrew McCarthy) is the head gardener for Manhattan’s Rockefeller Center, and responsible to find the perfect Christmas tree for the probably the most well known Christmas see in the world at Rockefeller Center. He can’t seem to find one from the their supplier when he accidentally spots the perfect tree growing in a meadow. Upon seeking the owner of the tree, he finds it was planted decades ago by Sister Anthony (Jule Harris) who planted it when she was a lonely silent orphan taken in by the sisters. She calls the tree “Tree” and it’s been a part of her life and she can’t bear having the tree torn down and taken to New York City. As Richard tries to find out why she has such an attachment to the tree, Sister Anthony tells the story of her childhood and the hardships she faced, and that tree helped her to endure.

Sally Field directed this very sentimental Christmas story. Some people will dismiss it because it’s too sappy and far too “feel good” a movie, but it’s actually a very sentimental, but important Christmas story. Sister Anthony spent her life trying to understand why she was abandoned by everyone, and she’s seeking something to grasp onto, even in her old age. It seems every child has a need to be wanted and taken care of, and sadly for her it was a blank page to her. It’s a very good story, and the story is the key. The movie itself is very simple, in fact, as simple as the story itself, but it doesn’t need stunning effects and lots of action to tell a good story. I had never heard of this film before, even though it’s over 15 years old. I was deeply touched by this little story, and the performance of Julie Harris was really special. She did a wonderful job carrying this film. This is one that may be tough to locate, but one that’s very well worth seeking out, especially if you have a sentimental side.

Below is a scene from this charming movie:

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