Farm Road Production, Front Street Pictures,

Lacey Chabert, Corey Sevier, Eric Keenleyside, Matthew Kevin Anderson, Lini Evans, Jim Thorburn, James Kidnie, Yasmeene Lily-elle Ball, Alisha Newton, Olivia Steele-Falconer, Christina Jastrzembska

Molly (Lacey Chabert) grew up in a small town in Vermont on a Christmas tree farm. As a small girl, she saved a small tree from being cut down to thin them out for the sake of the other trees. Years later, she has moved on, has a job in the city, but when Molly buys a Christmas tree that turns out to be the same tree she takes it as a sign that she should return home for Christmas, only to find that the family is in deep financial trouble and about to be foreclosed upon. Together with her brother, they try to find a way to save the family’s homestead.

This new Christmas film from the UP TV network is a winner. This has the lovely small town Vermont setting, a loving family that works together to save their home, lots of Christmas theme, and nice characters. It’s a really good new Christmas move and a great add to the season. Lacey Chabert does an excellent job, and is really great in this movie. She certainly carries us along with her. The story is touching and uplifting and filled with good old fashioned small town America. It was interesting and captures your attention, but at the same time is soothing and relaxing. We have hope throughout that good will prevail and that the greedy won’t end up on top, even though this doesn’t happen much in real life. If you have access to the UP TV network, be sure to watch for this one as it will be repeated throughout the season. Otherwise, keep an eye out for “The Tree That Saved Christmas”. It’s well worth it.

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