Eddie Murphy Productions, Paramount Television,

Cicely Tyson, Michael Warren, Sammy Davis Jr., Gilbert Lewis, Charlie Murphy, Ken Page, Ray Parker Jr., Della Reese, Esther Rolle, Ben Vereen, Vanessa Williams

This is the story of a young boy who has finally found a loving family and to adopt him. He’s living with them on a trial basis until the adoption is final. But when the wife is killed in a car accident, the father Tony (Michael Warren) is still ready to adopt. But the very strict head of the child services bureau Ester Clayton (Ester Rolle) is dead set against it as the father is a musician who must travel with the band. His friends come to his side, but as the situation looks bad, the boy decides to take things into his own hands by running away.

I stumbled across this movie the other day and after starting to watch it, I quickly realized it must be rather old. A number of the stars are no longer with us, and it turns out I was right. This was apparently a TV movie from 1990. This was obvious from the way the film looks. But don’t let that put you off. Films in this time period took a lot of effort to develop the characters fully so that we get a look into their lives and their hearts and why they do the things they do. This was a really touching film, and the writing is absolutely top notch. The all star cast lets you know that it’s going to be good as these are many of the best actors of that time, or any time, all together in one stunning Christmas story. This was Sammy Davis Jr.’s last film. The hopes and wishes of the child are very sincere, yet we get to see the pain in Esther’s heart as the two have a special scene in the church that will tear your heart out. She truly wants to do what it right, even though we all know it’s wrong, and when she gets to telling her story, we learn why she’s seems so hard. True friendships, real love and respect, and good characters abound in this little known Christmas movie that is certain to add to your holiday enjoyment. This is a hard one to find, but very well worth searching high and low for. I searched on Amazon and could only find it on VHS, that’s how old this is, but it’s shown on TV from time to time. It’s worth all the effort to find this movie for the quality of production isn’t that good, but the characters and story are stellar!

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