Dan Wigutow Productions

Brooke Burns, Henry Winkler, Warren Christie, Connor Levins, Woody Jeffreys, Serge Houde, Rebecca Toolan, Michael Roberds

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year starts out with the song.  That’s a plus right off the bat as this is one of the true signs that Christmas is upon is.   Henry Winker (Uncle Ralph) is at the airport and is trying to get help finding his flight.  No one wants to help, and he runs into a young man who offers to help.  Completely misunderstanding,  Uncle Ralph tells him to leave him alone and he’s not buying whatever he’s selling or whatever pamphlet he’s passing out.  After clearing that up, he finds that this very nice young man is a world traveler with tons of life experiences, but is ready to settle down and head  off to start a business with a friend.  He helps Uncle Ralph by getting them both bumped up to First Class which Ralph likes a lot.  Turns out the weather is bad in Denver, and Morgan (Warren Christie) is going to spend the night in the airport.   Ralph will not hear of it, and invites him as a surprise guest to his niece’s house for the night.   This is not a good idea, as Jennifer (Brooke Burns) fiance and his parents are due in town to spend the holidays.  Uncle Ralph takes a liking to Morgan though and schemes and connives to keep him in the house for another night, and another.

This is a well done story, and the characters are really well developed.  Though there’s only so much you can do with a Christmas Story, this is a pretty good one.   Seeing the Fonz as a aged and befuddled Uncle is a nice switch and he does it very well.  This film has a lot of heart and is touching.  A feel good Christmas story.

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