Rosemont Productions International, Sunn Classic Pictures

John Denver, Jane Kaczmarek, Edward Winter, Gennie James, Pat Corley, Mary Wickes, James T. Callahan, Kurtwood Smith, Anne Haney, Harvey Vernon, Twirp Anderson

This movie is almost 25 years old, but it’s still on TV every Christmas.  George Billings (John Denver) is an overworked architect who is a widower and is raising his young daughter.  She’s looking forward to Christmas in Manhattan with her friends.  But Mr. Renfield, George’s boss, has other plans.  He’s planning on building a large ski resort in a remote small town in Colorado.  He wants George and his daughter to visit the town as tourists and spies to lay out the plans without anyone getting wise.  George and Alex (Gennie  James) go off on the vacation, but find the place is kind of strange.  From their first contact in town something strange is going on.  Everyone in the whole town is a believer in Santa Claus.  On Letter Day everyone in town, young and old, sends their letter with their special request for Christmas, with full expectation that they will get what they ask for.   As time passes, George has to think hard about what the changes will do this unique little town and whether some things ought to be preserved.

This is a really good Christmas story with very colorful characters.  Everyone is a character, for sure, and they’re all fun to watch.  Things happen fast, but when it’s over, you realize what a warm place you have in your heart for this little town.   Another fine Christmas story.

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