Daniel H Blatt Productions, Viacom Productions

Patricia Heaton, Rick Roberts, Ernie Hudson, Isabella Fink, Jeffrey R Smith, Daniel Kash, Marnie McPhail, Peter Falk, Cassie MacDonald, Jeremy Akerman

In the small town of Seacliff, Washington, a young child’s letter to Santa becomes a national story.  The letter says the family is breaking apart due to the father’s inability to find work and the burden of trying to feed and clothe the family is too much.  So the child plans suicide on Christmas unless Santa is able to help.  This prompts news media from all over the county to converge on the town to find “Chris” and break the story.  A reluctant reporter is on her way to cover the story and meets (and shares a room) with a about to be fired greeting card writer who used to live in Seacliff who is returning home.  They put their skills together to try to find Chris.  Max the angel shows up from time to time to lend a hand, always in mysterious circumstances in different jobs.  He provided a series of paintings with clues for the pair to follow to solve the mystery.

This is the first of the three Max the Angel movies.  This is a very touching story.  All of the Max movies are good, and this one is no exception.  Stressing the importance of forgiveness and family as well as openness and sharing.  This is definitely a don’t miss!  Just be sure to bring a few Kleenex.  Peter Falk is so good in this series, and the other characters are definitely up to the task. By the time the credits roll, you are going to believe in angels too, I’m sure.  I love this film!

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