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Mark Akeson, Dylan Aucoin, Tammy Blanchard, Wyatt Bowen, Babs Chula, Alexander Conti, Rosey Edeh, Peter Falk, Kathleen Fee, Seann Gallagher, Aaron Grunfeld, Danny Blanco all, Mark Antony Krupa, Marina Lapina, Pierre LeBlanc, Katey Sagal

Max the Angel (Peter Falk) returns in the 3rd installment of this series.  In this story Max returns to help a poor soul but goes to the wrong address.  He reads the card upside down as 666 instead of 999 so he leaves a very important box at the wrong address.  So another angel  Jo (Katey Sagal) comes down to help straighten it out.  They try to work as a team, although they’re a strange pair.

Turns out the two mortals have met each other a long time ago, and become involved in the mystery of the box and where it came from.  But there are major troubles.  Sally (Tammy Blanchard) works for the Beehive department store and business is tough.  She and her little brother are recently orphaned, and she wants desperately to adopt her little brother so they can stay together.  Meanwhile,  Karl (Seann Gallagher) is estranged from his father, and immigrant who ran his grandfather’s business of hand-making glass ornaments.  Karl is changing with the times and trying to modernize, but his father is very angry that he is not following the family tradition of hand making the ornaments.

Everything turns worse and it seems that Max and Jo have made a mess of things.  But these two are experts in the job of helping people, so don’t count them out.

This whole series is sappy and sentimental, and it goes for the tear ducts, for sure, but it’s a wonderful story.  The first two “A Town Without Christmas” and “Finding John Christmas” are both probably better than this one, but the complexities in this story make it interesting as well.   These seem to be repeated every Christmas and are ones that I try to see when I can.

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