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Diana Scarwid, Robert Urich, Tegan Moss, Brittney Irvin, Alexander Pollock, Tom Heaton, Alf Humphreys, Matthew Walker

True life depression era story of a Detroit man who’s unemployed and arrested for a crime he didn’t commit.  His three kids are convinced he’s not guilty and vow to do everything they can do to get him out of jail by Christmas.  But how can they do anything?  Well, the kids learned in school that Herbert Hoover is the most powerful man in the world because he is the president, and so they figure out he’s their only hope. So off they head to the White House.

On the way they meet some really colorful characters.  But in these times when the economy is floundering this film really hits home.  We’re in a similar situation today, but it’s interesting how differently we are handling it today.  It’s an interesting comparison.  The drive and pride and love of country they used to have is awesome.

This is an intense film with a lot of emotion.  It’s a roller coaster ride, and certainly pulls the heart strings.  But it’s a fine story and a worthwhile couple hours. One note, the story is based on something that really happened.  However according to reports, no one actually talked to Bernice Feagan prior to the project, and she was not even aware until after it was done.  It is also said that the writers took a lot of liberties in how and when it happened.  But the basic facts of the story are true.  Just don’t accept the way it happened as fact.  Still, it’s a decent movie that looks and feels like an authentic 1940’s film.

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** The Angel of Pennsylvania Avenue (1996), 3.8 out of 5 based on 9 ratings

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