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Jennifer Gray, Megan Park, Clark Gregg, Barbara Gordon, Jean Michel Pare, Thom Allison, Marvin Ishmael, Pat Thronton, Kelly Fiddick, Lorne Cardinal, Ingrid Hart, Naomi Snieckus

Claire Jameson (Jennifer Gray) is a fashion photographer and has planned a Christmas wedding in Aspen.  Her flight was canceled and there were no rental cars anywhere, so she hitches a ride.  One problem after another and she eventually ends up with Tom Pullman Clark Gregg) and his 13 year old daughter Hilly (Megan Park).  But the journey is just beginning and side tracks occur at every angle.  Over time she and Tom get very close, and Hilly does all she can to advance that.  When she finally get to Aspen it’s clear that she’s going to have to make a major life choice.

The movie is just like a bunch of other ones.  It’s not very original, that’s for sure, but it’s a cute little film.  The situations they get into a similar to other stories, but different enough to be interesting.  It’s very nice to see Jennifer Gray and her husband acting in a movie together, so the chemistry between them comes naturally.  All in all it’s a harmless little Christmas diversion and not a bad film at all.  When she arrives at her fiance’s place in Aspen (He’s the guy who wanted their wedding reception to be a masked ball) the scene between them all is hysterical.

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