** Christmas Crash (2009)

NGN Productions

Michael Madsen, Alexandra Paul, Elyse Levesque, Melanie Papalia, Winston Reckert, Ron Lea, Brendan Penny, Forbes Angus, Chris Shields, Wesley Salter, kurt Max Runte

A couple and their 2 daughters head of on a Christmas vacation up in the mountains.  The husband owns his own business and spends every moment working in the office.  The relationship between the husband and wife is nearly broken beyond repair.  Their daughters are not very happy either.  Mom and Dad decide to take a trip in a private plane, one of their old favorite pastimes that they haven’t been able to enjoy in many years.  After taking off, something happens to the plane and they come down in the water.  Surviving the crash, they have to make it to shore and figure a way to survive in the wilds in the bad weather.  Meanwhile, they can only talk about what was going on in the business and how strange things have become.  Someone is going behind his back and tampering with the board.  Is it possible that the accident may not have been totally an accident?

This is a different kind of story.  It’s an adventure with wild packs of wolves and all kinds of dangers and trickery and double crosses.  But when it comes down to it, the couple find that what really matters is family, and though it’s a dreadful experience, at least they are very much better off from what they learn.  This is one of those films where we get to see where the family has come a year later.  It ends the following Christmas.  Needless to say, besides all the suspense, it’s still a fine Christmas story.

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