My Three Sons Films

Eric Jay Beck, Erin Bethea Candace Cameron Bure, Burgess Jenkins, Gary Moore, jeanne Neilson, George Newbern

Megan (Candace Cameron Bure) is a very busy lady. Struggling, like most of us, with a schedule that’s too busy and there’s no time for anything but work, hauling kids around, and supporting her husband who is trying to work and go to school at the same time. Her son shows up wearing a costume, and Megan realizes it is Halloween. She takes her son out to a nearby neighborhood for trick or treat and finds the neighborhood setting up for Christmas in October. She is given a card with a blog site on it, and a warning that “It will change your life”. As she begins reading the story of the Locke family she becomes involved in the true story of the Locke family. Their son Dax developed a very rare form of leukemia at 13 months, and the families life has been turned upside down. With a positive attitude and faith they are doing everything they can to help their son. As Megan reads the day to day blog about the family’s struggles, she gains an appreciation for the blessing she has.

The Locke family story has touched millions of lives around the world. This new film in 2011 has premiered on the the GMC channel and will be run throughout the season. There will eventually be a DVD if you are unable to get the movie. But there is a web site for the blog: This is a heartbreaking true story of a whole community coming together. Featuring the music from Matthew West’s “The Heart of Christmas” CD, this is an excellent story.

As for the film. It’s very well done. The actors are really good. The story is very good. It is very heartbreaking, but sometimes it takes adversity to build character. I would recommend this to you if there is anyway you can get a chance to see it. What a remarkable story.

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