Sandollar Productions,

Dolly Parton, Lee Majors, Bo Hopkins, John Ritter, Dan Hedaya, Anita Morris, Danny Cooksey

Lorna Davis (Dolly Parton) is a country singer who is getting burned out by the frantic pace and the “rock” influence on her music, and is in the mood for a simple vacation back in the hills of Tennessee where she was born. But on the way, she runs into a mean sheriff, a whole bunch of orphans who escaped from a couple of nasty sisters who hate kids, and a mountain man (Lee Majors) who tries to keep the peace and assist the kids. All Lorna wants is to make a nice holiday for the kids, feeling sorry for them, but she’s breaking the law and looking for more trouble than she can imagine.

This is an older Christmas film from way back in 1986, but one that I’ve never seen before. It’s a typical Dolly Parton type film, filled with some original Dolly music, cute kids, and a few twists and turns. For example, there’s a witch who just HATES Lorna! You can pretty much predict the whole movie before it even starts, but that’s ok because it’s not supposed to be an earth shattering new experience. It’s rather a holiday film filled with warmth and nice scenery and a feel good plot. That’s just what you get, so if you haven’t seen this one, It’s all over the airwaves every season.

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