** Defending Santa

Cartel Pictures, Odyssey Media, Victory Angel Films,

Dean Cain, Jud Tylor, Bill Lewis, Jamie McRae, Cooper Barnes, Jodie Sweetin, Seth Menachem, John Savage

Santa (Bill Lewis) is knocked from the sleigh returning to the North Pole through the opening in space and falls to the ground where he’s found by Sheriff Hanson (Dean Cain) He insists he is the real Santa, so they politicians want him locked up for his own safety. But unless the trail to determine whether he is the real Santa or not is complete, he cannot return through the opening to get back to the North Pole for the next Christmas Eve.

Obviously stolen from Miracle on 34th Street, this is a play on the old crazy man who thinks he’s Santa theme. It’s actually a pretty good film, and another hit for the ION channel who has done a number of really decent films this Christmas. Santa in this film is very good. It’s an tough role to play, as many other people have done it, and it’s difficult to be yourself and still pull it off. This guy does. Some of the stuff is pretty silly, and although I am a fan of Dean Cain, he does take himself (and his role a small town USA sheriff) a little too seriously. But aside from that, it’s a really cute Christmas film, and very much worth your time watching this. It’s nice to have a few new films every year, and this is definitely a decent addition. This is not going to become a Christmas Classic, but it’s quite enjoyable and ION is doing a really good job this year.

[Here is the home page from ION Television for this film.]

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