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Steve Whitmire, Dave Goltz, Bill Baretta, Eric Jacobson, David Arquette, Joan Cusack, Matthew Lilliard, William H Macy, Whoppee Goldberg

On Christmas Eve we find Kermit very depressed. He’s lost everything and the famous Muppet Theater is about to be foreclosed upon. An angel, Daniel (David Arquette), upon watching the sad sight, petitions his boss, God? (Whoppee Goldberg) to send someone to interfere and help Kermit feel better. Then via flashback we see the circumstances unfold as to how and why the theater was lost.

I am not sure how I have never seen this movie before. It’s from 2002, so this was a long time ago, but I never have. It seems they recycled the plot in many ways for the most recent film, “The Muppets”. There are many similarities, but this is much earlier in the Muppet’s career, so this would have happened long before the last movie. As in all Muppet films, this one has tons of cameo appearances, and so as not to spoil them, I’ll leave it to you to find them while watching the movie. This is a pretty good Mupett film. It’s nowhere to the level of A Muppet Christmas Carol which is an unbelievably good film, but this is strong, standard Muppet fare. It’s fairly predictable, but the outcome is not the goal. The goal is the journey, as they say, and the snappy one liners, music, and big stage productions, at which the Muppet’s have always excelled. The kids will love this, but so will the parents, and so I feel this is a fabulous family Christmas film, and though you probably won’t want to repeat it over and over like some classics, if you haven’t seen it, it’s sure to be a fun experience.

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