** A December Bride

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Jessica Lowndes, Daniel Lissing, Beverley Breuer, Pauline Egan, Kurt Evans, Jay Hindle, Larry Hoe, Jannen Karr, Karen Kruper, Daniel Lissing, Drummond Macdougall, Keith MacKechnie, Casey Manderson, Dean Monroe McKenzie, April Telek, Brendon Zub

Layla O’Reilly (Jessica Lowndes) just got the news that her long time boyfriend and her cousin are getting married just before Christmas. She had been always dreaming of being A December Bride. To make her woe’s worse, she has to attend the wedding. Her neighbor and close friend promises to take her to the wedding as his date, but he ends up getting the flu and is unable to go, so at the last minute, Seth (Daniel Lissing) who was the one who introduced her boyfriend to her cousin, offers to step in and pretend to be her date. But as the reception unfolds, Seth gets a bit carried away and announces himself and Layla are engaged. They intend to tell the truth right after the wedding, but as the days go by, they get deeper and deeper drawn into the lie and are finding it harder and harder to get out from under the tall tale they have spun.

This is another new Hallmark 2016 premier Holiday film. This is a light and comedic romance set around the holidays. The acting is really good and the two leads are quite believable together. There are lots of disasters and the comedy is pretty good as they get deeper and deeper into the lie and are unable to get out of it without disappointing a lot of people. Furthermore, there are several side stories going on that add to the entertainment value. This is not one of the greatest of the new films this year, but it is a pretty decent effort. Certainly there is a lot of interesting thing to grab and keep your attention, and it’s a lot of fun. This film will be showing all throughout the season on Hallmark Channel and is well worth searching for.

Here is the Hallmark Channel web page for this film.

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