Chesler/Perlmutter Productions,

Jessica Lowndes, Christopher Russell, Jennifer Gibson, Farrah Aviva, Anthony Ulc

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Seven years ago Brie (Jessica Lowndes) was madly in love with Eddie Chapman (Christopher Russell). But Eddie took off for an opportunity to study in Paris, and they have lost touch. Brie’s heart was broken, but she set her sights on moving forward in her career as a writer for a bridal magazine. She is given the chance to do a spread showing the perfect Christmas wedding and she’s excited to finally get a chance to show her skills. But when she shows up to the shoot, she finds the professional photographer assigned to her is Eddie Chapman. Determined to keep the relationship strictly business, one disaster after another looks to make her shoot a disaster, while Eddie just wants to know why she never contacted him again.

This is run of the mill Christmas story that left me pretty flat. The leads weren’t that impressive. Jessica did her best with what she was given, but she comes off as a bit of a whiny b**tch. Christopher on the other hand seems to be taking every opportunity to push his fake chin to the forefront. It appear he got the chin from Max Headroom, but it is off putting. Meanwhile the whole fake wedding photography bit didn’t resonate either. I truly think this is the least interesting of all the Hallmark Christmas films this year, and I’m sure most guys would agree. The young ladies, however, might find it enthralling. There are the group that loves to read the fashion magazines, and this may be their cup of tea, but it just didn’t seem to work for me. I’d say skip this one and look for one of the other ones that are a lot more interesting.

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