** Once Upon a Holiday

Hallmark Channel,

Paul Campbell, Briana Evigan, Greg Evigan, Casey Manderson, Jacqueline Samuda,

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A princess (Briana Evigan) is in New York on a visit to perform her princess duties but has to be back home for their annual Christmas festival to preside over the celebration. But her real wish is to see the art museum. They tell her she has no time for that, so she takes the opportunity of sneaking off to try to see it on her own, but when she is robbed of her purse and cell phone, she is met by a handsome single guy (Paul Campbell) who has no idea who she really is, but sees her as a damsel in distress. With the help of his friends and a friendly magic shop owner, the make her wishes to be a regular person come true before she has to go back to her royal duties. But will the secrets she decides not to tell him stop their budding romance before it begins?

This is a 2015 Hallmark Christmas movie and is a romantic comedy (what else) featuring some pretty decent folks. It’s definitely not earth shaking or anything, but it’s a simple film to pass the time waiting for the holidays to get here. Greg Evigan plays George, a friend of the royal family, and he is one of the highlights of the film as his character has known Katie since she was a little girl and understands her wishes. Certainly not a great film, and very much like lots of others in the genre, but it was entertaining and with some fresh new faces, it was nice enough to keep me interested. If you are a sucker for romantic Christmas stories, then you’ll probably like this one. Otherwise, it is a bit sappy.

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