Maple Island Films

Ashley Scott, A.J. Buckley, Rolonda Watts, Vanessa Lee Evigan, Piper Mackenzie Harris, Lochlyn Munro

Mailman Matt Sanders (A.J. Buckley) is assigned to spy on a strange fellow employee Kristi (Ashley Scott) who answers the letters address to Santa Claus. But as Matt carries out his duties, he also begins to fall for the lovely Kristi. But to complicate matters, Uncle Matt, the spy/mailman, is watching over orphaned Emily (Piper Mackenzie Harris) who is engaged in a letter writing campaign to Santa to find a girlfriend for Uncle Matt as he’s very lonely. So as Kristi answers Emily’s letters, Matt is spying on Kristi to find out what she’s up to.

This light-hearted Christmas tale tries very hard to be cute. But it somehow just doesn’t cut it. The “We’ve Got Christmas Mail” title is an obvious attempt to cash in on the similarity of two people who don’t know each other falling for each other, but it doesn’t really fit. The mystery of “Santa’s Daughter” coming into a post office in one city and answering all the letters to Santa is odd. It seems like a rather daunting task to have hundreds of thousands of daughters in hundreds of thousands of post offices all over the world, doesn’t it? The manager of the office who is extremely paranoid that this girl who is answering letters addressed to Santa. He goes way over the top. Basically, this isn’t a horrible movie, but it just never got off the ground for me. It’s forgettable, and probably one I’ll never remember. I would skip it unless you’re really a sucker for romantic comedies and nothing else is available.

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