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Melissa Sagemiller, Brad Rowe, Tom Arnold, Stuart Pankin, Martin Klebba, JoJo Wright, Eddie Deezen

Elizabeth (Melissa Sagemiller) is called into a meeting where she it told that the advertising firm is struggling and needs more customers. Additionally they have hired an expert to assist which doesn’t please her in the least. When she meets one of Santa’s helpers, and elf named Calvin (Martin Klebba), he gives her a special pin that allows her to hear everyones thoughts. This gives her the edge to show up the new guy, and read the thoughts of her bosses and prospective clients. Of course this leads to some disasters and she learns to give it up and to use her own instincts to determine why people don’t like her and how to change herself to make her a more pleasant person and bring some good to the world.

This is one of the misses (in my opinion) on the list of holiday premiers on ION Television this year. Elizabeth is a pretty nasty person who very self centered. She does learn to tone it down a bit, but we never really get to like her. Stuart Pankin and Tom Arnold are running the company, and both are decent actors, but we never really understand their roles in the company or why there are two of them. All in all, it seems to fumble along trying to bring peace and redemption, and not cutting in line at Starbucks anymore to our heroine who we don’t really like in the first place. It just seemed like a thrown together script to try to push out one more Christmas movie for the advertisers without a lot of thought to the actual story. It just didn’t gel for me, and is certainly one you may want to skip. By the way, this seems to be a very popular title for Christmas films and there are several already out there. I understand there is another one coming for next year as well with the title, so before you sit down to watch “All I want for Christmas” you have to read the synopsis or check the release date to see which one it is.

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