Ralph Smart Productions

Chips Rafferty, John Fernside, Helen Grieve, Stan Tolhurst, Pat Penny, Thelma Grigg, Clyde Combo, John McCallum, Nicky Yardley, Morris Unicomb

When thieves steal thier families prize horses, four Australian children living in the bush, They tell their mother they are heading out for a camping trip, but instead, decide to go out and find the horses to save Christmas as their father has told them there is no Christmas this year. They do some serious detective work to find the horses and attempt to save the holiday.

This is a black and white adventure film from 1947. It’s a decent “western-ish” film set in Australia. It’s not a typical Christmas film, as really, Christmas only has a small part of the film. It’s set at Christmastime, but it’s summer in Australia, and the time of year has very little to do with it. This film was remade in the 1980’s starring a very young Nicole Kidman as one of the children. I have seen this film in the 99 cent bin in the dollar store, but I haven’t ever found that version on TV. However this original 1947 version is being shown on Turner Classic Movies this month. If you are interested in the historical nature of this 1947 film, then it’s worth checking out, but as a Christmas delight, it’s not got much to offer. So I’m rating this pretty low, but that’s because I’m looking at it as a Christmas film, and it doesn’t fit that very much. But as a historical film, it does have a lot of significance.

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