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Bridgit Mendler, Mia Talerico, Leigh Allyn Baker, Bradley Steven Perry, Jason Dolley, Eric Allen Kramer, Abbie Cobb, Michael Kagan, Debra Monk, Ernie Grunwald, E.E. Bell, David Wells, Sean Bott, Pamela Dunlap, Big Budah

Teddy Duncan (Bridgit Mendler) and her family have decided to spend Christmas with Mom Amy’s (Leigh Allyn Baker) parents, The Blankenhoopers, in Palm Springs. Teddy wants to travel to Florida for Spring Break, but to stop her whining about it, Dad suggests that if she wants to act like an adult, she should figure out how to buy the ticket on her own, thinking that would stop the constant begging. Instead, when the airlines offer a free ticket to anyone who gives up their seat, Teddy hops up and volunteers. Amy’s not going to let her go alone, so she also gets off the plane. This leaves Dad and the brother’s, and Charlie, the baby girl of the family in Palm Springs to deal with Amy’s mother and father. Once they find out there are no flights until after Christmas, Amy and Teddy start out on a cross-country adventure to try to make Palm Springs before Christmas. Oh, the pain of getting kicked off the bus, broken down junk cars, and being abducted by members of the Alien Abduction Survivors Network. Everything goes wrong, of course, and that’s only the beginning. It’s going to get a lot worse.

This is a Disney Channel show for those who are not familiar with Good Luck Charlie. Charlie (Charlotte) is the baby of the family and Teddy is recording a video diary of advice for growing up for Charlie. This is a special Christmas movie based on the series. It’s a pretty cute little show, and this is true Disney Channel family fun. The jokes are pretty good, and there is a lot of gags that are really funny. Basically it’s a pretty good film. This is appearing on the Disney Channel this season, and is especially good for the target demographic, kids who are fans of the Disney Channel in the first place. But the whole family can probably enjoy this show, and it’s a decent one for the whole family to watch together.

Good Luck Charlie!

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