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Green Zone is fiction.  It’s the story of how it could have happened, not how it happened.  If you take that into consideration, there is a little bit of drama and a little bit of action, but it’s really dumbed down and it uses every cliche in the book.  It’s kind of like,  your friend poked you in the eye with a pencil but he didn’t mean to poke you in the eye with a pencil.  He meant to poke you in the ear with a pencil.  What did they intend?

They intended to push the view of a few Hollywood people and a few liberal media hounds on everybody and make you think it was real.  But it’s not.

But if you put the politics aside, and look at the movie as it is, it’s still not very good.  The action is spotty and sketchy.   The acting is not very real.  What was Matt Damon doing?   I know, trying to convince you that the right thing to do is get P.O.’d at your superiors and go rogue and fight your own battles.  After all, those evil soldiers are killing our own people for their evil ends.

I just think the story was not well developed.  I know it’s anti-Bush, and anti-war, and anti-America, but at least make a good story about it.

It’s just weak.  And I have been looking for a chance to get this off my chest once and for all.  If the police were called to a bank robbery and a man in a mask with a long coat with his hand hidden under the coat kept screaming at the top of his lungs….”I’ve got a gun,  I’ve got a gun in here!  I’ve got a Magnum 357 under my coat and this hostage is going down if you come one step closer!!!”   And this guy with a gun happens to get shot when the cops storm the building, is it the cops fault he didn’t really have a gun?  He assured them 1000 times he had a gun!   I’m sorry Saddam, but if you say you have WMD over and over, not only to the UN and the free world, but to all your other Middle Eastern neighbors, if you insist on not allowing the UN to inspect, and if you drag it on and on and on saying,  “I’ve got a gun!  I’ve got a gun,” people are going to think perhaps you HAVE A GUN!

So the search for WMD was a bust, and nothing major was really found, but if he hadn’t blustered his way through threatening everyone, things wouldn’t have ended up like they did.  I’m glad he didn’t have them, but what if he did?

Anyway, I didn’t completely bust this movie because there are some redeeming qualities.  It does have Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear, and there are some pretty good moments.  Shot in Europe (mostly Spain) they did a pretty good job of making it look like Iraq.  They just were so caught up in the message that they didn’t pay attention to the quality of the movie.

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