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Edward Norton, Lucy DeVito, Kent Jude Bernard, Amelia Campbell, Tim Blake Nelson, Randal Reedner, Leo Fabian, Tina Parker, Susan Sarandon, Ty Burrell, Keri Russell, Richard Dreyfus

NetFlix describes this as a “quirky” movie.  Well, I have to admit that is right on!  Quirky is an understatement.

I expected to hate this movie, but I surprised myself in that I didn’t hate it. But I didn’t love it either.  But it was interesting.  I am not a big fan of Edward Norton, but I have to give him credit for the job he did in this difficult dual role.  Like the old “Patty Duke Show”, Edward has to play to identical people (twins this time) who are completely different.  One is a successful, professional business man, and the other a pot growing, backwoods, drug dealer.

Lured home by a lie, and with no relationship at all with his Mother,  Bill Kincaid (Norton) was drawn into one mess after another.  First, simply a reunion with his estranged mother to provide an alibi for his brother, and it keeps getting worse and worse after that.  

This film has about 3 endings, for when you think it’s over, it continues and more happens, then again at the end, it still continues.  But the extra info is good and helps wrap up the story.  I’ve just never seen a movie that fakes you out thinking it’s over when it’s not.  And it’s a quirky story.   It was interesting to see Norton performing his craft trying to play these two roles that are so different from each other.  It must have been fun to make.  But the story, in the end, though filled with humorous incidents, is a tragic and sad story.

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