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Pierce Brosnan (Narrator)

I started watching this film with a half open mind dreading when I was about to be bashed over the head about what an evil person I was and how the US is an evil country.   I am behind at work, have lots of chores around the house to do, and I’m struggling to keep paying the mortgage and stay even with the bills.   I feel bad about all that, but I didn’t want to be completely responsible for the death of all mankind and for personally killing the ocean.

To my surprise it didn’t really come until an hour into the film.  Then there it was.  I am trashing the ocean, killing the kelp, destroying species, and devastating the ocean, just as I expected.  But the sad thing is I don’t even eat seafood of any kind.

Well, this is a documentary, and the film is beautiful.  They used to fabulous techniques and this must have been awesome on an Imax screen.  So I have to give great credit for the cinematography and the fantastic way we got to look into the lives of the creatures of the sea.  This is a great film, but Pierce Brosnan, bless his heart,  gets to be grating on the nerves after a while.  Several narrators might have helped this a bit.

So as I expected, the visual is stunning, but it would be nice to watch again with a nice instrumental background with the sound turned off.   Worth watching, except for little kids who might find nature a little bit disturbing (birds eating baby turtles for example), but don’t mind the evil human theme.   It’s required to get something like this made.

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