** Love You Like Christmas

Hallmark Channel,

Bonnie Somerville, Brennan Elliott, Madison Brydges, Precious Chong, Richard Waugh, Graham Scott Fleming, Sadie LeBlanc, Andre Richards

Maddie Duncan (Bonnie Somerville) is a high powered marketing executive that is afraid of flying. She has to go to Denver for a client wedding, and decides to drive. She’s doing good when her car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. Her car is towed to a little garage in the town of Christmas Valley. The car looks like it may take a while to repair, and there is no hotel, so Maddie ends up in a boarding house. While there, she learns to like the other residents living there, and especially one particular guy
Kevin Tyler (Bennan Elliott) who seems intent to teaching her the important advantages of a small town that really, really loves Christmas.

Another Hallmark 2016 premier Christmas movie. This one is not all that outstanding. The rich guy/girl who gets stranded in a small town and learns to love Christmas has been done over and over again. There is nothing really here that makes this one stand out. It’s entertaining enough, and easy enough to watch, but there’s not much to stand out against all the other ones. The cast in the Boarding House is rather interesting and they are fun to get to know. Bonnie Somerville is a pretty good actress and plays her role pretty well. I guess the premise is a little weak, and there’s not enough momentum in the script to pull it off. Okay to watch if you find it’s on, but don’t go way out of the way to seek it out. It’s just a average attempt.

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