** A Nutcracker Christmas

Hallmark Channel,

Amy Acker, Sascha Radetsky, Sophia Lucia, Kenneth Welsh, Katherine Barrell, Siobhan Murphy, Shauna MacDonald, Raven Dauda, Geri Hall

Lily (Amy Acker) has dreamed of being a ballerina since she could walk. She worked very hard at it, and had quite a lot of talent, but when she was chosen for the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy in The Nutcracker in a professional company, she was over the moon. Her sister was her biggest fan. But a tragedy pulls Lily out of the ballet, and she has to return home. She lost interest in ballet that day and didn’t look back. Her sister’s young daughter Sadie (Sophia Lucia) wants to follow in her footsteps though, so she supports her 100%. When Sadie gets the opportunity to play the Sugar Plum Fairy too though, Lily has to go with her, but there are some issues. The biggest one is that the director is her old dance partner Mark (Sascha Radetsky) who she’s very angry with for forcing her to leave her role and she’s not ready to make nice just yet.

This 2016 Hallmark premier Christmas Movie is a really good one. I enjoyed this very much. Amy did an excellent job in her role, and went through all the emotions from the horror at what happened, to frustration, to pride in her niece who she is raising in her sister’s place. The dancing and the music is excellent as well, and it brings an interesting formula for the film. This is out of the ordinary due to the Nutcracker theme, and as such is quite unique. This is what made this film different. With the good performances, fine arts included, and and interesting story, this is one of the better films of this year, and perhaps one that will be back again next year. If you have any interest in the Nutcracker side of the story, be sure to watch this one. It’s got a lot of emotion and tugs the heartstrings as well. There’s a lot going on and it’s a very well done project.

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