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Anthony F. Aveni, Walter Cruttenden, Benito Venegas Duran, Graham Hancock, John Major Jenkins, Lawrence E. Joseph, Jim Marrs, Alonso Mendez, Daniel Pinchbeck, Douglas Rushkoff, Alberto Villoldo, John Anthony West

This documentary takes a long hard unflinching look at the end of days, December 21, 2012. The Mayan people used multiple calendars. One was knows as the long calendar which calculates the cyclical history of the world and ends on Dec 21, 2012. This day is significant for several reasons, one, it’s the first day of Winter, the shortest day. Another thing is the unusual lineup of the planets and the sun. Third is that it’s at a climax of a very active period of solar activity, solar flares, and the like. This is a scientific piece, interviewing a variety of minds, from Mayan experts, to astronomers, authors, and historians and the like to get their views on why this time is significant and what it might mean.

There seems to be a clamoring for doom and destruction tales of all kinds. People would like to belive that Nostradamus sat in a chair centuries ago and saw what is happeing in our day. It is easy to take words that are gibberish and apply them to things that have already happened and jump to the conclusion that matching statement to future events means they will happen. I remember watching Johnny Carson as a little kid and seeing “The Amazing Kreskin” doing his predictions. Guys like this make lots of predictions and if one happens to come true, nobody remembers the hundreds that don’t. Kresin told us with a wave of the hand and a profund “harrumph”….”I predict that the next president of the United States will be Henry Cabot Lodge”. I remembered that one.

I lived through the end of the world on 1/1/2000 unscathed, (even though all the rides were shut down at 11PM at the local amusement parks for our safety). I sat at work and watched as the clock clicked 11:59:59 TO 12:00:00 and nothing happened. What did we expect–Cars crashing, fires breaking out, elevators falling hundreds of stories to the ground!!! I lived through the collapse of Niagara Falls years ago that was going to kill hundreds of tourists and sink one of the Maid of the Mist ships. I lived through the giant earthquake that was going to devistate Southern California a few weekends ago due to the largest high tide in recent history, and so forth.

This is not a very good documentary. It is interesting in many ways, and the general concensus of most of the “experts” is that life will go on after Dec 21, 2012 so we should pay our mortgages and taxes, and that the Mayans were trying to tell us of a new “golden age” of civilization, not the end of days. But still, this documentary is full of theories and guesses and lots of “it has been said” statement without any backup. If you’re interested in the way scientists think, it might be worth catching on Netflix Watch Instantly, but I don’t think it’s worth renting unless you are really interested in the subject.

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