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Christine Barnes, Hoselito Bite, Marco Confortola, Pat Falvey, Niall Foley, Stefan Grossniklaus, Pasang Lama, Tshering Lama, J.J. McDonnell

This dramatized documentary tells the story of the deadliest day in mountaineering history when 11 people were killed on K2, arguably the most dangerous mountain in the world. It uses a combination of photographs and archival footage mixed with re-enactments to give users the sense of being there as it happened.

This is a good documentary about the dangers of mountain climbing. It also explains some of the written and unwritten codes of climbing. It’s a very strange and hostile environment up there, and things have to work a lot differently up in the high altitudes. It’s easy for a healthy person to die in a few minutes up there. This is an interesting documentary, and I really enjoyed it. However it’s definitely not the best mountain disaster film that I’ve ever seen. Jon Krakauer’s book “Into Thin Air” was a book that thrilled me to the core. The movie version of the book, Into Thin Air: Death on Everest is a made for TV movie that is really excellent. Though not as good as the book, the movie is more enthralling than this one, although this was a much costlier day on the mountain. Into Thin Air: Death on Everest is available on NetFlix streaming. I would recommend that one as well if you are interested in the subject. But I’m talking about this movie, and it is very well done. The mix of re-enactments and archival footage gives you a real feel into the day on K2 and what really happened. Suspenseful and edge of your seat excitement, and a true story. I really enjoyed this story, and if you have any interest in the subject of high altitude mountain climbing, both of these are good films.

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