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Dallas Roberts, Alison Eastwood, Anne Dudek, Mattie Liptak, Mariah Bonner, Christopher Berry, Jonathan Baron, Tony Schiena

Charlie Crowe (Dallas Roberts) is a failing late night radio talk show radio host who talks with a mysterious stranger telling him that he is seeing people who appear as shadows. When the young man turns up dead, everyone thinks Charlie is just looking to improve ratings. But as he goes forward in investigating this phenomenon, he finds a lot of evidence that the shadow people may just be for real.

This is not a very good horror film. It’s got some suspense and the thing is somewhat creepy. On the other hand, there’s no spectacular acting going on here, and the cinematography leaves something to be desired. There are times when dark settings add to the creepiness, but this film is so poorly lighted that it’s very hard to see what’s going on most of the time. Then there’s the fact that they keep throwing in what appears to be actual documentary footage. This confuses the heck out of you. Not extremely scary, with no real enemy, and it does resort to the “this is based on reality” ticket when we all know it’s completely made up. There’s no way this is in the least based on real events. It’s not got enough going for it to make me recommend it, so I’d say if you’re looking for horror, you better look somewhere else.

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