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Taylor Schilling, Grant Bowler, Edi Gathegi, Michael O’Keefe, Paul Johansson, Patrick Fischler, Matthew Marsden, Geoff Pierson, Jsu Garcia, Armin Shimerman

The time is the future. The world is coming apart. Factories have shut down, food is scarce, and one by one the prime business people who ran the businesses were disappearing all over the country. Life was pretty miserable. But Dagny Taggert (Taylor Schilling) is the operating executive of a once mighty transcontinental railroad. She thinks the answer may rest with a remarkable invention and the man who created it. Teaming up with Henry Rearden (Grant Bowler) owner of the factory that makes a new kind of steel, much stronger and lighter, they rebuilt the aging railroad and set out for the guy whose invention may save the economy. Everything now depends on finding him and discovering the answer to the question on the lips of everyone as they whisper it in fear: Who *is* John Galt?

Based on Anne Rand’s 1957 novel, this is a futuristic film. It’s a dire look, much like Orwell’s 1984, at the future of mankind with an over powerful government, and corporate greed. This movie appears to have had a hard time being born. Many celebrities were associated and the dis-associated to the project. It has been talked about and planned for years, and even had a potential of a big multi night mini-series back in the 80’s when those were so popular. Now it’s out, and it appeared with a very small plop. But it’s not a bad movie. With the right star power, it might have been a really big hit. But it’s nice that we have it on DVD now that we can view in our own homes. The cinematography is breathtaking, with the running of the high speed train through the hills and mountains, rivers and lakes of Colorado.

The acting isn’t bad. The prime leads do their best. This could have used some star power to make it more likely to be successful, but surprising to me that I have never heard of this story. The term Atlas Shrugged comes from the idea that Atlas is the god who held the world on his shoulders. It’s a good metaphor. The story is a little bit dated, but so are 1984, Animal Farm, and many of the other stories of old. But it’s a thoughtful story, and is very worthwhile watching if you’re not familiar with the tale.

From what I understand, the book is much longer and has a lot more stuff about how the world got into the state it’s in. I suppose that would have been used in a longer mini-series version of the book, but for a feature film, I think they were very wise to just accept the premise that the economy is a mess, and not explain it. I think the story is still very strong told in 90 minutes or so.

I recommend this film for anyone who like the cerebral movies that make you think. That’s what this is for. But the story is strong enough to be interesting even if you’re not interested in the literary qualities. It’s still a good mystery story, and a drama of tycoons and business. Well worth the time spent watching it.

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