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Kaley Cuoco, Chris Klein, Dennis Farina, Jonathan Bennett, Dylan Walsh, Teri Polo, Tricia Helfer, Jonathan Banks

A group of wanna-be writers have a club where they meet to help each other. It’s all for one as they read some of their writings and offer suggestions. When they invite newcomer Hannah Rinaldi (Kaley Cuoco) to the group, she fits in quickly. But her sudden success in finding an agent, getting published, and her career taking off sets in motion lots of feelings of jealousy and envy as everyone tries to complete with her success. But thing deteriorate quickly with lots of other issues coming to the surface.

I did enjoy this film, although it wasn’t wildly fascinating, it wasn’t boring. The story is a lot like A Star is Born, and many other copycats of that basic story of a young newcomer finding easy success and the jealousy it sets off in those not so lucky. But there are also many other facets in this story that really help to keep it going strong. With great performances from the likes of Chris Klein, Dennis Farina, and Teri Polo, plus the others, this is really a ensemble movie. Kaley doesn’t have to carry the film on her own, which, as good a group actor as she is, I’m not sure she could really pull off. Fortunately with such a cast, no one has to carry the film, and the depth of the characters really helps the story along. It’s not too long, though major events happen, the overall feel is light and enjoyable. It’s a quirky story, and one that I would never have thought of. I found it unusual, but fun to watch, and if you’re so inclined, I’d suggest giving it a shot. It’s surely not a movie you’ve heard of, and those kind of surprises are sometimes a lot of fun.

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