Untouchable Films, Velvet Morning,

Stanley Tucci, Alice Eve

One morning Velvet (Alice Eve) answers the door to find an older ex-lover, Fred (Stanley Tucci) standing in the doorway with his suitcases in hand. He announces that he has left his wife and has come back to her and is ready to rekindle their romance. But Velvet is not so sure, and has moved on. As Fred continues to push himself back into her life, it appears that she is dashing his hopes at every turn. What follows is a real battle of wills.

This movie, based on a play, is truly a one set, two person interaction from start to end. The whole story takes place in Velvet’s apartment. We feel like we’re a fly on the wall watching this battle between the two of them as each takes great pride in putting the other down in the harshest way possible. This is a very unusual piece, and it’s obviously like a bit of experimental theater more than anything. It has a feel of improvisation, where two actors are saying whatever comes into their mind. But there’s many layers to this story, and as it unravels piece by piece, it’s like reverse engineering a complicated quilt or solving one of those iron tavern puzzles. It’s very complex, and nothing is as it seems. It will leave you wondering, and as the harsh violent ending comes upon us, we’re not quite ready for the shock that’s about to hit us right between the eyes. This is a really, really unusual movie, and one that many people would absolutely hate. It’s a very artsy piece, and you have to be ready for what you’re going to get. I can’t give too much of the story away, but be prepared for a cerebral story, with two people in one small apartment and a lot of drama. Not for the squeamish, nor for those who want a lot of activity in their films. This one is mostly words for 90% of the film.

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