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Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher, Lizzy Caplan, Rebel Wilson, James Marsden, Adam Scott

Becky (Rebel Wilson) is getting married. Her high school friends, Regan (Kirsten Dunst), Gena (Lizzy Caplan), and Katie (Isla Fisher) who used to make mock her in high school, decide they have to throw her a real bachelorette party. But the night before the wedding, the girls totally destroy the dress, come to the realization that they must somehow get the dress repaired and to the wedding on time. In the struggle to get the dress to the wedding before anyone finds out, the girls have a chance to look inward at their lives and see what’s really important.

This film really wants to be Bridesmaids. It’s not. But it’s not an awful film, and if you didn’t see Bridesmaids, then this will do. It’s a very similar story. The acting is great. Rebel Wilson is funny, and the “mean girls” led by Kirsten and Isla are good enough. There are a good many laughs, and it’s good fun. But the biggest problem with the film is that it’s just too derivative. If you’re in the mood for this kind of “girl” comedy, then it’s definitely adequate as a rental, but this is not nearly as funny as many others. It also is really mean which tends to make me feel a bit uncomfortable. You just don’t treat people like this. Of course, by the end they learned their lessons and felt bad about it, but if you’re really in the mood for a bridal comedy, certainly Bridesmaids or Bride Wars would be a lot more fun.

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