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Aaron Eckhart, Michelle Rodriguez, Taylor Handley, Cory Hardrict, Bridget Moynahan, Lucas Till, Ramon Rodriguez, Michael Peña, Jim Parrack, Ne-Yo

Battle: Los Angeles is the story of a flurry of objects that landed all over the world outside major cities. Turns out they were not simple meteors. SSgt. Michael Nantz (Aaron Eckhart) just came of a disastrous mission in the middle east and has done his 20 years. He’s applied to retire. But he’s at Camp Pendleton training a company of new marines and has agreed to finish their preparation. Suddenly the whole base is called into active service to figure out what is the deal with all these objects landing in the ocean off Santa Monica. When they arrive at the base, they find that LA has lost contact with San Diego and San Francisco and they may be the last force fighting a full fledged battle with an alien attack force. Nantz group is send behind enemy lines to a police station in Santa Monica where there are still some citizens holed up. They are to rescue the remaining people and head to the Santa Monica Airport, but they have only 3 hours before the air force is going to level everything along the coast.
So they’re off trying to make it through the enemy lines to rescue them. It’s harder than they thought.

I have seen the critics blasting this movie. I can’t seem to imagine why. It was really great fun to watch in a fully packed very large theater, and the action was non-stop. This has all the action and adventure of the greatest in the genre. It’s a lot like “Independence Day”, but crossed with something more like “Guns of Navaronne” or “The Battle of the Bulge“. This is ultimately a military film. It’s got lots of Marines acting like Marines. Don’t back down, don’t give up, and don’t leave any man behind. That is the main feel of the movie, and the way in which they fight aliens from outer space isn’t much different than how they fought battles in the past. But the special effects are mind blowing, and these aliens are really mean. It is interesting to watch how they learn about their enemy and how they adapt to try to save the earth.

I think this is absolutely one of those films that is very much worth the money to watch in the theater. The big screen is essential to getting into this kind of movie. It is fun filled, and most of the theater stood and applauded at the end of the film. I felt like joining them. It was fun to watch the Marines take on these guys and teach them a lesson or two. It is full of explosions and chases and lots of “edge of your seat” suspense and exciting action. I completely enjoyed this movie and am very glad I got to see it on opening weekend!

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