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Donald Faison, Eric Balfour, Scottie Thompson, Brittany Daniel, Crystal Reed, David Zayas, Neil Hopkins, Robin Gammell, Tanya Newbould, J. Paul Boehmer

Skyline is the story of an alien invasion. This one came out first before “Battle: Los Angeles” and is not near as well done. A night of wild partying leaves Terry (Donald Faison) and his pregnant girlfriend Elaine (Scottie Thompson) wake up to find they’re some of the few people left alive. Monstrous creatures are over the city of Los Angeles and a bright light causes people to be picked up and sucked into the ships. The army is trying to fight back, but nothing seems to be working. Terry and Elaine join with as many others as they can find and attempt to hide out learning step by step about the horrible creatures.

My daughter came by while I was watching this and asked, “What are you watching?”. When I told her she said, “It doesn’t look very good”. Walt Disney learned 80 years ago what these guys have never learned. It’s not about the technology or the special effects or how beautiful it is, it’s all about the story. That’s the problem here. This film has great special effects and an awesome trailer, but no story. I don’t know what they are trying to do, but this is no better than a 1950 “Godzilla” film, story-wise. It looks pretty but there’s no substance. There’s no one here that I care about, and the “surprise” ending that is supposed to be so cerebral and instead makes no sense at all. You can make up your own meaning of the ending, but there’s no real meaning in any of this.

I didn’t hate this movie, I just didn’t like it very much. I wanted to catch this in the theater when I saw the trailers, but it was gone so soon. So I saw Battle: Los Angeles instead and I’m glad it worked out that way. This wasn’t bad on DVD, but if I were you I would wait for the other one to come out and watch it instead. My $.02.

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