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Alan Cox, Mark Kassen, Elijah Moreland, Emma Fitzpatrick, Alice Eve, Daniel Spink, John Cullum, Chris Evans, Scott Evans

Nick Vaughan (Chris Evans) is a musician, hanging out in the station in Manhattan debating on whether to go to a party where his ex-girlfriend will be there, but with some other guy. Brooke Dalton (Alice Eve) shows up running to catch the last train to Boston but she’s seconds late and misses the train. Her purse has been stolen and so she has no money, just a train ticket to Boston, and their are no trains until tomorrow. Nick tries to help, but Brooke is unwilling to pay any attention to him until it appears that she’s not in a safe part of the city, she has no money, and nowhere to go until morning. So the two form a pair, trying to get Brooke on her way home, but neither is sure whether or not to trust the other.

This is an interesting Romantic-Comedy set in the heart of Manhattan at night. The chemistry between these two is pretty good, and they get in several pretty difficult scrapes. Bit by bit, piece by piece we get to see what’s really going on in the lives of this unusual pair, and why both are hiding from what they really want. As they work it out, we get a dose of voyeurism watching them work through their issues. In the end when the sun comes up, they both head out to face their demons but with a much greater understanding of what they really want. The setting is very interesting. The story itself is well crafted. The performances are pretty good. All in all, it’s not a bad little film, and is certainly out of the usual mold for rom-coms. I enjoyed the film, even though I wasn’t blown away by it, nor was I extremely excited about the experience. But it was an interesting distraction for a while, and well worth watching.

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