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Brian Cox, Natascha McElhone, Jack Smith, Philip Jackson, Toby Stephens, Anne Reid, Kate Ashfield, Richard Strange

Georgie Gallagher (Jack Smith) is a young boy attending a private school for underprivileged children, is having a tough time. He lives with his single Mom since his father was killed in a car crash. He loves football, but though he has a lot of talent, he’s not got any training whatsoever. When he steals an elderly man’s wallet, he gets caught, but he doesn’t know it, the man is none other than the beloved retired coach of Manchester United, Sir Matt Busby (Brian Cox). Matt is carrying a heavy load of his own, and he agrees not to press charges against Georgie as long he will be allowed to coach them. They agree as they want to play in a tournament but do not have an adult coach. What Matt’s really wants to do though is to continue his life’s work of trying to teach boys to be good men. This is based on the true events that happened to Georgie Gallagher and Matt Busby.

This is a touching feel good movie based upon the true story. It’s got the usual TV special type drama, and the game comes down tied to the last seconds as the boys learn all about life. Nothing is easy for Georgie as he has a lot to deal with in his young life, but it is emotionally charged and a really feel good movie. The title comes from the line Matt teaches Georgie that if you “Believe, you can score the goal with your eyes shut.” Nice film for kids, especially those who enjoy soccer, as there aren’t enough good soccer films out there for youngsters. But it’s bound to leave a lot of adults with misty eyes too as the clock ticks down to the last second. This is a good family film. Recommended.

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