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Nicolas Cage, Russell Brand, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Rainn Wilson, Paul Scheer

Gary Faulkner (Nicholas Cage) has led an unusual life. This is the “mostly true” version of his adventures. Gary has been around the circuit of talk shows and has a fascinating story. Gary was very frustrated that after 9/11 the United States was having a hard time capturing Osama Bin Laden. Gary has had a number of experiences where he has spoken to God (played by Russell Brand) who told him it was up to him to go and bring in Bin Laden all by himself. He complies, and makes numerous trips to go get him. This is the tale of how it happened.

Nick Cage sure gets himself in some WEIRD stories. This one, which I am sure must be greatly exaggerated (by Gary himself) from the tales included, but in the special features of the DVD, some of Gary’s appearances on TV are shown, and he’s sticking by the story. Much of it can be corroborated by the police reports and such. Gary, whether you think he’s clever as a fox, or a crazy lunatic that needs locked up, certainly is a memorable character. As to the story, you have to work with what you get, and it’s a bizarre story, but as for Nick Cage’s performance, it’s very Cage-worthy. He looks and sounds, and even talks like Gary does, and I was impressed at how he became this character. It’s certainly not his usual character, and he really came through with the characteristics of Gary. It wasn’t the greatest film, and it was probably more like a TV special than a feature film, but it was certainly an interesting tale. I actually kind of enjoyed the story, and enjoyed looking up the real Gary right after. How lucky today we are to have the likes of and in our lives today. If you haven’t heard Gary’s story, let Nick tell it to you. It’s an amazing little tale.

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