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Nicolas Cage, Elijah Wood, Sky Ferreira, Jerry Lewis

Stone (Nicholas Cage) and Waters (Elijah Wood) are two cops who work in the evidence room of the Las Vegas Police Department. When a huge bail payment comes in, and is locked in the safe, the two hatch a plan to take it. They kidnap a lady who lives next to the safe, and use her apartment to try to break through the safe, in this unusual heist movie.

First of all Nick Cage has his fans, and those who hate his guts. Few sit in between, but I really thought he did a good job in this film. I also would not expect him mesh well with Elijah Wood as his partner, but surprisingly they did work well together. I always think hobbit when I see Elijah Wood, but I was able to put it aside as he did a good job in a totally non-similar role here. The budget was pretty low, but they used it very well. The story is entertaining and somewhat stressful, and the the events twist and turn several times throughout the ending of the movie. I certainly would not have seen that ending coming. I think it was fairly well put together, and is certainly an unusual buddy cop movie. It’s probably unlike any other film of its genre. I enjoyed it, and though it is certainly not a great film, it’s certainly good enough to spend some time with, and I must say, I did enjoy it. I can recommend this film, mostly due to the really good acting from both leads. Plus, Jerry Lewis pops in for a cameo role, and how can you beat that?

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